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Holistic - Evidence based

Anxiety - Depression - Relationships


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Supporting You - Practical Positive Holistic

Unlike family and friends, I am a neutral person who is able to provide you with the space and support to explore and develop understanding on a range of personal and relationship issues.

I understand seeking help from a professional is not easy. During our time together, I hope you will be able to experience:

  • better insight into your situation and feelings;
  • develop a greater understanding of your life, relationships, situation, and future
  • move towards resolving your concerns; and
  • create a goals that supports the realisation of your potential, happiness, and success.

Together we will increase your self-awareness and self-acceptance, for you to feel more emotionally healthy and allowing you to change the way you feel.

Counselling Options


Individual Counselling

Online Appointments

Unable to travel to appointments? Lack of services in your area? Need to speak with an English speaking Counsellor? The video capability of Zoom allows face-to-face interaction like a in person appointment.

From the privacy of your own home, you will have focused attention exclusively on you and your unique issue. Working at your own pace, you will be able to explore, initiate change and heal that private side of yourself.



Therapeutic NDIS Supports - Counselling (Improved Daily Living)

Counselling can provide significant support to improving your quality of life. Helping you process life experiences and emotions or plan and achieve personal goals to increase your wellbeing and independence. Providing more than just emotional support, I can develop various coping strategies and skills to need your individual needs. For Plan Managed or Self Managed Participants.

Walk & Talk Counselling

Walk and Talk Counselling

Central Gold Coast

Does the thought of sitting opposite a counsellor make you anxious? Walk and Talk Counselling is a holistic way to relax from the stress of everyday, while encouraging a active lifestyle.

Couples Counselling to repair relationships

Relationship Counselling

Relationships provide us with many opportunities for personal growth and transformation. How do you keep the momentum going when times are tough and that feeling of exhilaration when falling in love has ended?


Relationship Issues

Self Esteem / Self Confidence

Stress Management

Highly Sensitive People (HSP)


Grief and Loss


I feel extraordinarily privileged to witness the personal journey that my clients undertake to create a life that is empowered and fulfilling. I have a true respect for each of my clients individual story. I find it enormously rewarding to support my clients to develop their own self confidence, understanding and self awareness to experience a sense of personal liberation.

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