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This is my growing collection of short essays and thoughts related to various aspects of personal growth, emotional health and relationship enrichment - Fiona.


Reiki helps Anxiety

5 Ways Reiki Can Help with Anxiety

By Fiona Stevenson | Apr 11, 2018

Let’s be honest, having anxiety is the worst.  It affects your ability to fully experience all that life has to offer.  Anyone who has experienced having anxiety knows it can range from being a minor annoyance through to extreme debilitation.  There are a variety of treatment approaches for anxiety and it is best to find…

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What shape is your relationship in?

What Shape is Your Relationship in?

By Fiona Stevenson | Mar 26, 2018

  Like a house, relationships are built with a strong foundation, a robust framework and a sturdy, hard-wearing roof, complemented by gorgeous interior and exterior finishes. Each of these levels addresses a fundamental principle of relationship intimacy, and without one, a relationship will crumble.   This is the metaphor of the Sound Relationship House, a…

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5 Love Languages Gold Coast

The 5 Love Languages: Do You Know Yours?

By Fiona Stevenson | Feb 13, 2018

  It’s Valentine’s Day, what do you plan to give or do for your partner today? Buy flowers/chocolates or both. Valentine’s Day card with a heart-felt message. Romantic dinner at their favourite restaurant. DIY dinner date with a home-cooked meal. Head straight to the bedroom. I really don’t know what they like. If you’re struggling…

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Relationship Red Flags You Shouldn't Ignore

Relationship Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore

By Fiona Stevenson | Feb 7, 2018

The exhilaration of a new romance can turn even the most level headed person light-headed and giddy. Quite often we are all wrapped up in the thrill of a new relationship, that we ignore the Relationship Red Flags. Ignoring these relationship red flags may find yourself in a unhealthy relationship. This is it not your…

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How much does counselling cost

How Much Does Counselling Cost ?

By Fiona Stevenson | Jan 31, 2018

Many Australian counsellors charge based on an hourly rate. Hourly rates can typically range from $60 to $150 a session but some counsellors do offer a bulk discounted price for a packaged sessions. For more specialised areas of counselling such as relationship counselling or trauma counselling, expect rates to be around $100 to $180 per…

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Can Counselling Really Help Our Relationship?

Can Counselling Really Help Our Relationship?

By Fiona Stevenson | Jan 28, 2018

I get a lot of questions about how couples should deal with relationship problems and whether or not it’s worth to go through counselling. The truth is that the success of relationship counselling depends on a number of factors. In order for counselling to be effective, the couple should be willing to engage in the…

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Embracing Change

By Fiona Stevenson | Jan 21, 2018

Why do we always seem to resist change? Suppose you’ve been following the same processes at work for many years and so far, it’s been working pretty well for you. And then something happens in the organization and you’re urged to shake things up and apply a new way of doing things. So you shut…

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Anxiety & Panic Attacks: How Can I Help Myself?

Anxiety Attacks What Can I Do?

By Fiona Stevenson | Jan 14, 2018

Living with anxiety is never really easy. Anxiety attacks can happen any time and in any place without your bidding. For some, it could feel like being stuck in an endless loop of worries. And for others, it manifests through a series of panic attacks; breathing speeds up, chest tightens and you feel nauseous. When…

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Stressed out or just Anxious? What's the Difference?

Stressed out or just Anxious? What’s the Difference?

By Fiona Stevenson | Jan 8, 2018

We all know that feeling; the stomach ache, tense muscles, trouble sleeping, rapid breathing, the nervousness and a feeling of being restless for no apparent reason.  These are just a few of symptoms of stress and anxiety. But what is the difference from being stressed out or just anxious? Stress and anxiety both trigger negative…

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