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This is my growing collection of short essays and thoughts related to various aspects of personal growth, emotional health and relationship enrichment - Fiona.


Social Media Anxiety Counselling

Pitfalls Comparing Yourself to Others on Social Media

By Fiona Stevenson | Dec 21, 2017

With Christmas and summer holidays in full swing, many of us slide into a negative mindset, mostly triggered by what we see on social media. Taking your usual rounds on Facebook or Instagram, you see people posting photos of how fabulous their lives are right now when you have just broken up with your partner.…

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Tips for HSP Survive Christmas Parties

Surviving Christmas Parties 5 Tips For Highly Sensitive People

By Fiona Stevenson | Dec 14, 2017

Being a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), the thought of attending the office Christmas party can make your blood run cold with dread.  It can be one thing to get through a work day with your colleges, the commonality of being able to discuss current work projects makes it easier.  But in a social setting, surrounded…

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Couples Counseling Gold Coast

5 Healthy Habits of Couples Going Through Counselling

By Fiona Stevenson | Dec 12, 2017

When relationships go through a rough patch, couples seek the help of a relationship counsellor and hope for a quick fix. It’s easy to get caught in the emotional whirlwind unfortunately there is no shortcuts to this process. Couples counselling can be a slow and steady process in order to rebuild a strong relationship.  To…

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HSP survival holiday guide

A Highly Sensitive Person’s Guide to Getting Through The Holidays

By Fiona Stevenson | Dec 5, 2017

For most of us, the holiday season is easily our favourite time of the year. Getting invited to cocktail parties, shopping for gifts, celebrating with friends and family. But all the hustle and bustle, all the activities and the high expectations that come with the holiday season can be overwhelming, especially for highly sensitive people…

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Coping with relationship break up

Coping with a Breakup: Healthy Healing Approach

By Haley | Nov 14, 2017

A breakup is one of the most emotionally stressful experiences a person has to go through in life. Anyone can go through this upsetting transition in their romantic relationships. Whether a relationship lasted for two years or two decades, a breakup can leave us feeling all sorts of negative emotions—pain, confusion, isolation, detachment and fear.…

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Has Anxiety Taken Control? 5 Tips to Regain Control

By Haley | May 9, 2017

  Did you know, women experience the highest levels of panic attacks and anxiety related health issues? Pressures arising from the work place, financial stress and relationships with loved ones are all contributing factors to name a few.  Though the solution can be simple, many women choose to remain in the dark and not seek professional…

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Ready to Face My Fears..

By Haley | Aug 8, 2016

The universe has a wicked sense of humor. Recently, a dear friend of mine did her first solo performance as a burlesque dancer. Being a supportive friend I was there to cheer her on. What I didn’t know was that Miss Ginger Kisses would be dancing with a rather large python wrapped around her body,…

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Meditation Benefits

Too Busy to Meditate?

By Haley | Jul 8, 2016

The importance of a regular meditation practice. I have to confess that I have let my practice slide a little. I have all the best excuses to justify this… too busy, too much on etc. Or, I would promise myself that I will get to it later in the week and I will spend extra…

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Day Dreaming is Good for You !

By Haley | May 9, 2016

Daydreaming is important for setting goals for the future.   Remember being in school and being told off by the teacher for daydreaming in class? As a child I often daydreamed of traveling to foreign countries and imagining what would it be like. As soon as I was old enough, I was out the door,…

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