Change the way you feel

How I can help.

Do you need someone to talk to?

Has something specific happened that is difficult to cope with; end of a relationship, loss of a job, a bereavement?

Do you want something to change, but don't know where to start?

Or, things don't feel right?

Sharing your story in your own words, can help to lift the worry that you may have be hanging onto. However sharing your story is only part of the process.

As a counsellor I am trained to listen, and to observe what is being said and what hasn't been said.  I really pay attention to not only what you say, but how you feel.  Together exploring these, I can help you understand and accept yourself.

What results for you is an increase in self confidence, providing the basis for making change, improve your coping skills or to simply feel better about your self and how the way things are.

Aspire Holistic Counselling can provide counselling services to NDIS participants with a current plan.

  • Your plan must include the support category – Improved daily living skills (CB daily activity)

  • Mobile services are available in some areas – your plan must include travel for this option

  • You must be 18 years and over.

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NDIS counselling Gold Coast

Counselling may help you by:

  • Provide a sense of relief by sharing some of your worries
  • Appreciate yourself and your problems better
  • Help you figure out out a solution
  • Offer you support during a crisis
  • Revealing how you are in relationships,

       and why the same things keep happening

  • Process difficult feelings and experiences

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