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Each persons' counselling experience is a very personal journey, and is always kept as a private one. There are some of my previous clients that have been kind enough to share how it was for them to complete their journey, and have provided testimonials to share. I hope that by reading these it may give you the confidence to take that first step, and to start your own counselling journey with me - Fiona.


"I feel like I have gained (or I am back in) control again, control of my emotions and more so myself.  I'll be honest, I wasn't sure what to do, and was skeptical.  I can now happily or /definitely say I'm stronger in myself and finally say I do love myself. Thanks Fiona."


"Today I had my first Reiki experience and it was amazing.  I arrived at my appointment feeling flustered from being stuck in traffic.  Within minutes, I began to feel calm and my body started to relax - I loved it." 


"From the sessions I have done with you, I have been able to let go of years of emotional baggage.  I now feel free to live my life the way I want,  free from all that debilitating guilt."


"Fiona, you have really helped me to isolate and understand the underlying issue that is common to my family and myself.  You were able to help me develop an effective path to move forward.  I use the relaxation techniques you taught me every day."  


I really enjoy my Reiki sessions with you Fiona.  You have such a wonderful presence and touch about you during Reiki, I didn't want it to stop.  I felt such a strong sense of unconditional love and support."


"Fiona was able to give me the courage to process blockages that has allowed me to make the decision towards a major career change - something that I had been secretly wishing for but never had the courage to follow through with." 


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