About Holistic Aspire Counselling

Fiona Stevenson

Registered Psychotherapist & Holistic Counsellor

I work with individuals and couples to create a feeling of self-empowerment where they are able to, develop self acceptance and find the courage to make positive changes. Together we will explore and identify how to express your feelings, worries and ideas. You may find that the healing process initially starts with the relationship you have with yourself. However you may also notice improvements in the relationship you have with friends and family creating a greater sense of love and belonging.

I form authentic relationships with my clients based on valuing and respecting each person as a unique individual.  My genuine caring and warmth is felt by those with whom I work with. In my practice, I don’t restrict myself to follow any one modality. I use a holistic and integrative approach specific to your needs. This allows me to understand your complete picture and to achieve the best possible result for you.

Fiona Stevenson Counselling Psychotherapist

Why do I practice as a Holistic Therapist?

I feel extraordinarily privileged to witness the personal journey that my clients undertake to create a life that is empowered and fulfilling. I have a true respect for each of my clients individual story. I find it enormously rewarding to support my clients to develop their own self confidence, understanding and self awareness to experience a sense of personal liberation.

I have professional membership with the Australian Counselling Association and participate in peer support and ongoing professional development to ensure that my practice offers the best informed care.

Why the Butterfly Logo?

The butterfly is a symbol of transformation and growth.  A perfect metaphor for our therapeutic journey. You may experience transformations in the relationship you have with yourself or it may be the relationship you have with your partner, family, children or friends.

As a Relationship Counsellor, I feel privileged to witness that moment when a couple is able to re-connect and allow the healing process to commence. The shape of the butterfly wings captures this moment as the two silhouettes (the couple) are seeing each other eye to eye.

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